Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Getting anxious

Well, here I am, still pregnant, with your "official" due date passing by two days ago. But I know you're not really late, as you were conceived later than the doctors think. I'm glad you're getting nice and full-term in my belly, and you'll come out when you're ready to. But, I am anxious to meet you and so are your daddy and siblings! Everyone keeps asking me, "When is Marshmallow coming?" like I'm supposed to know when you're going to make your arrival. Only you know the answer to that. I wonder if you'll be bigger than your brothers, since you're staying in there longer than them. I hope you're a good eater and don't have any jaundice problems, since you seem to be going full term. I've washed all of your new girl clothes and I even knit you the cutest little hat! I can't wait to put in on you, as I'm sure you'll look adorable in it. I packed my bag for the hospital today, to start preparing, and I put your "coming home" outfit in there, along with the hat. I am definitely ready for you to come out anytime. Your Mema seems to be anxious, too. I think she's excited about having another granddaughter. She's going to spoil you rotten, just like all the other grandkids. I think the only person who is not anxious about your arrival is your big brother, Carter. He really wants to be the baby still and I think your arrival might upset him a bit, but if you'll give him time, I'm sure he'll adjust to your arrival and come to love you lots. Spencer asked me today when you're coming out, but I had to tell him I didn't know and you'd come out when you were ready. He seemed to accept that answer. I think he'll dote on you a lot and your big sister, Amber will, too. She really wants to fix your hair already! I told her you won't have much to work with yet, but you will when you get older. So...anytime you're ready to come out, Marshmallow, we're all ready and waiting...anxious for your arrival.